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The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (, AUTH) has decided to actively follow the contemporary demands of the (digital) Knowledge Society. In this context, AUTH has recently launched its Semantic Web Unit ( the endeavor of which is to enhance the University’s data value by turning them into public data, as well as, to integrate the University resources within the Semantic Web (web 3.0) and the Linked Data Cloud ( using Open technologies.

In this context AUTh redesigned ( its main web page to be based in Web 3.0 technologies (in pilot phase till October 2012). The School of Mathematics web site ( will be the template for the semantic content mappings (see related video).

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”480″]

Apart from the generic ontologies, more specific ones are also used, to represent the educational and administrative informaton of the School, as recommended by the Linked Universities Initiative (

Along the same lines, the newly reconstructed (Semantic) Website of the School of Mathematics at AUTH has introduced even more innovations. Anastasia Dimou, an MSc student at the Web Science Program, and her supervisors Dr Charalampos Bratsas and Prof. Ioannis Antoniou , got involved in the works for the SKOSification of the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC, [2], [3]. The MSC/SKOS ( is broadly used to annotate the School’s publications keywords, the courses’ research fields and the Faculty’s research interests offering a richer “meaning” to the Website’s Data.

In addition, during the last three years, AUTH has been co-ordinating the mEducator project ( [1], which has been one of the first projects globally to utilize semantic web services and Open Linked Data to federate different elearning platforms together, while publishing educational resource descriptions on the Web of Data (see video).

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Thanks to the aforementioned actions, AUTH has become a member at the aforementioned initiative ( is an alliance of European universities engaged into exposing their public data, such as their publications, courses, educational resources, etc, as Linked Data.

A vital role for the Open Data promotion in Universities will be played by the CKAN platform. CKAN is already used for open scientific data. Recently, AUTH presented the Greek translation of CKAN that will be deployed in order to catalog the university’s open data. This process will begin in September 2012. ( or CKAN can be the Open Data Hub for such institutional data. The Greek translation of CKAN was made under the collaboration of OKFN:Greece with the Web Science Master Program at AUTH

OKFN Greece supports the Aristotle University upon the implementation of aims aligned with Open Science, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation.


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