A revolution in technology is happening and it’s changing everything we do. Never before has so much data been collected and analysed. Never before have we had the ability to freely, easily and quickly share information across the globe.

Governments and corporations are using this data to create knowledge about our world, and make decisions about our future. But who should control this data and the ability to find insights and make decisions? The many, or the few? This is a choice that we get to make. The future is up for grabs.

Do we want to live in a world where access to knowledge is “closed”, and the power and understanding it brings is controlled by the few? Or, do we choose a world where knowledge is “open” and we are all empowered to make informed choices about our future?

Here at Open Knowledge Greece, we believe that knowledge should be open, and that everyone — citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists — should have access to the information they need to understand and shape the world around them. We use advocacy, technology and training to empower citizens and organisations to use the data revolution for good — to drive transparency and accountability, to accelerate innovation and research and to create fair and sustainable societies.

We get governments and corporates to open up essential data — making it free for anyone to use, share and build on. We create tools and skills to turn data into insight, because it’s insight — not just data — that empowers citizens, researchers and organisations to understand and change the world.

What we have achieved

We have encouraged, pressured, and supported governments, companies and researchers to make their data open. We have empowered people to use that open data and turn it into insight and knowledge, giving people access to the information they need to understand and shape the world around them.

Where people needed skills, we trained them. Where people needed tools, we made them. Where people needed support and leadership, we provided it.

Through our events and worldwide network we have been a key driver and convener at the heart of the growing global “open” movement. We were one of the very first organisations working in open data and today we are the largest international community active in this area.

We are proud of our track record of success and we invite you to explore the impact case studies linked below to best understand how Open Knowledge Greece has made the world a better place. Below you can see some of our actions:

  • Greek DBpedia
  • OGP
  • School of Data Foster
  • Greek Linked Open Data Cloud
  • Open Budgets
  • Handbooks
  • Open Data Census


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